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From "Jasper van Zandbeek" <jasper.van.zandb...@quinity.com>
Subject RE: [PATCH] HttpClient: possibility to specify port number in Host headers
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 14:05:35 GMT
Here's the situation for which we want to use virtual port numbers:
We use a load balancer that connects to the HTTP server and the HTTP server connects to the
application server. We use port translation in our load balancer. So when e.g. a client connects
to 90 of the load balancer, the load balancer connects to port 100 of the HTTP server. The
load balancer doesn't change the Host request header, so in the host request header is still
the original virtual host name and port, in this case port 90. For this reason, the virtual
hosts of the HTTP server and application server are configured based on the external port
numbers, so in this case port 90.
For test purposes, we sometimes want to connect directly to the HTTP server or the application
server, bypassing the load balancer. To do this, we need to connect to the same port as the
load balancer would, in this example port 100, but the host header of this request should
be the same as if the request would go through the load balancer, so in this example port
90, because the HTTP server and application server's virtual hosts are configured for this

	-----Oorspronkelijk bericht----- 
	Van: Ortwin Glück [mailto:odi@odi.ch] 
	Verzonden: za 7-1-2006 13:31 
	Aan: HttpClient Project; Jasper van Zandbeek 
	Onderwerp: Re: [PATCH] HttpClient: possibility to specify port number in Host headers

	We currently do not understand why this feature is important to you.
	Could you please take a moment and explain your situation.
	Ortwin Glück
	Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:
	> Odi,
	> There is no such thing as a virtual port in the HTTP spec and we ought
	> not invent stuff. On top of that I personally do not see this feature to
	> be of any practical use.
	> For a tiny minority of users that might find it useful this feature can
	> be easily added on top of HttpClient. In my opinion clearly does not
	> warrant inclusion into the stock version of HttpClient.
	> If you feel very strongly about it, feel free to take ownership of this
	> patch and include it into the 3.1 release. I will not veto it, but I
	> will respectfully remain -0 on it.
	> Cheers,
	> Evil Comrade Oleg

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