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From Roland Weber <ROLWE...@de.ibm.com>
Subject HttpComponents - initial feedback
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 07:02:53 GMT
Hi Oleg,

HttpComponents now compiles without clover.jar. I haven't found
time to write any code to the new API since I spent most of my
computer time this week-end with configuring mail tools. From
randomly skipping through the JavaDocs, I have three comments of
varying significance:

1. (cosmetic)
HttpContext could have a removeAttribute(String), like
javax.servlet.ServletRequest and javax.portlet.PortletRequest

2. (architectural)
AbstractHttpProcessor should be based on java.util.List rather
than java.util.Set. I'm sure we'll soon encounter cases where
the order of interceptors is relevant, for example if multiple
transfer encodings should be applied. Also, we should not rule
out that the same interceptor could be applied multiple times,
for example if it is a sanity-check interceptor for debugging.

3. (esoteric)
I noticed some socket and IP specific methods in HttpClientConnection
and HttpServerConnection. I admit that this is far-fetched, but HTTP
is not specific to IP (RFC 2616, section 1.4, last paragraph on
page 12). I wonder whether it would be much effort to isolate the
dependencies on java.net.INetAddress and/or java.net.Socket to make
the HttpComponents API independent of it. If we ever want to do it,
we should do it now.


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