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From Mikael Wikström <mikael.wikst...@it.su.se>
Subject Re: spnego
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 09:27:17 GMT
Alfredo Scotto wrote:

>I read from http-client mail list your are doing SPNEGO authentication. I'm starting to
do that too,
>did you do same coding or testing?
>If yes, may you send me your code I can help you for testing.
>Thank you and Happy new Year
>Alfredo Scotto
>3707 Motor ave, apt 302
>Los Angeles, CA 90034
>Tel: 310 836 7760, 
>Messenger: Ms: alfredosc8@hotmail.com, Yahoo: alfredosc8

I completed my work on the spnego authscheme and added it as a contrib
to httpclient's bugzilla so hopefully it will soon show in svn.
Meanwhile you can get a binary build here.

I have tested it with apache mod_spnego and a gssfilter servlet filter.

examples of how to use httpclient spnego with xmlrpc and axis1.3 will
soon be available at http://devel.it.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=1047

/ Mikael

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