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From Samit Jain <jain.sa...@gmail.com>
Subject cookie2 code review and suggestions
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 08:05:35 GMT
Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate if you could review the code for RFC 2965 
implementation and give your valuable comments. Especially, there are some 
TODO items in RFC2965Spec class which still need to be resolved (listed 

//TODO(jain): when do we consider the header malformed and stop processing 
it? parse()
Presently if there is any error in parsing cookie attributes, we ignore the 
cookie and process other cookies in header. The response header is 
considered malformed entirely only when the header name/value is null. Are 
there other cases while creating the cookie or parsing cookie attributes 
that we consider the header malformed and stop processing the header, e.g. 
header value too long, or contains too many illegal characters, etc. The RFC 
doesn't really expound on this besides stating the fact that unknown cookie 
attributes should be ignored.

//TODO (jain): formatting old and new style cookies in the same header 
We had a separate thread for this issue. We came to the conclusion that 
cookies in the same header should be formatted similarly. Moreover, if 
cookies to be formatted include new and old style cookies, we format as per 
the old specification. So this is a closed issue.

//TODO (jain): how do we handle the case when domain is specified and equals 
host? Cookie2DomainAttributeHandler.parse()
Just want to make sure that if the domain is specified in the set-cookie2 
header, it cannot be the same as the request host.

//TODO (jain): other versions for set-cookie2 ?
Currently we only allow version 1 for set-cookie2 cookies. Is this correct?



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