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From Eric Johnson <e...@tibco.com>
Subject Re: Important things to discuss. Please make your opinion known
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 16:56:26 GMT
Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:

>There are three issues that I think we need to discuss:
>(1) I inquired with the Jakarta PMC regarding the possibility of the project name change
(Jakarta HttpClient -> Jakarta Http). The reaction was overwhelming negative, primarily
due to high likelihood of branding conflict with Apache HTTPD, which is a very valid point.
We have several options here: 
>(1.1) leave Jakarta and join another TLP (either Apache Tomcat or Apache HTTPD) where
_might_ be permitted to call the project jHTTP or some such sort
>(1.2) stay with Jakarta and try to come up with a radically different project name
I like Roland's suggestion of HTTP Agent (or is that HttpAgent?).  I 
like Haiku as well, although that isn't self-explanatory, so it would be 
my second choice.  I'm not coming up with any better altenatives.

>(1.3) essentially do nothing and keep the same name. In this case we are likely to not
be permitted to release any lightweight HTTP server or proxy under Jakarta name
>(2) Migration to JIRA. This finally can happen and happen very soon. The question is if
we still want it. If yes, might have to decide on the project name before the migration takes
Since it appears that Bugzilla has finally gotten some attention and 
badly needed upgrades, and HttpClient (or whatever we call it) is 
finally a top-level project in Bugzilla, it seems like switching now 
would provide minimal benefits, and might cause a major hassle.  All the 
email archives that currently refer to bugzilla bugs with URLs would be 
broken, for example.

>(3) 3.0 release. 3.0rc3 have not had any major bugs reported for quite some time. Do we
want to release another RC4 before the final release or not?
I suggest doing an RC4, waiting a few weeks (or just two), and then 
declare it final, assuming no bugs arise.

>Please let me know what you think. Everyone is very welcome to throw in their ideas
Consider them thrown!


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