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From Bruno Borges <bruno.bor...@gmail.com>
Subject MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager - How it works
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 15:58:32 GMT
   I'm wondering if some of you could clear some doubts I have about
HttpClient, specially the MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager class. If
you can't, please stop reading this e-mail and press the Delete
button. :)


  Well, thanks for your attention and your time.
  I'm developing a tool that access several pages and extract
informations the client needs, and to do that, I'm using HttpClient
3.0rc3. So I created a pool of Services (classes that push some kind
of information from somewhere) and for each service there is one
HttpClient instance.
  Looking at the source code, I discover a special note about RFC
2616, that explains about how many connections can be open to the same
host, and that limit's up to 2 connections.
  So, here I go. Each HttpClient with its own MTHCM will function like
one browser instance and running all Services I need will produce a
clean result without any problem, or, can I optimize and use only one
MTHCM's instance for all Service's HttpClient setting more than 2
connections per host ?

Bruno Borges - SCJP 1.4

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