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From David Smiley <dsmi...@mac.com>
Subject server code in test sources
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 04:22:10 GMT
Hello all.  I am new to this list.  Not long ago I was looking for  
open source HTTP server/proxy code that I could use to transform  
requests & responses in a proxy server configuration.  There is code  
in the test sources of httpclient that I, strangely enough, did NOT  
find when I was looking for an http proxy but I DID find by accident  
later, to my pleasant surprise.

I was quite impressed with the server code in the test sources.  If  
anybody thinks there is no such thing as self-documenting code, then  
they haven't seen these sources.  However, the code was not without  
its flaws and I found myself making moderate changes--particularly  
for extensibility.  And despite the self-documenting nature, some  
things were not clear and snagged me.

What is the disposition of the server code in the test sources?  That  
is, are there plans / dreams of it being something bigger than its  
role now or will it indefinitely remain as something whose only  
purpose is to test httpclient?  If its the former than I'd like to  
share specific comments on the sources for improvement.  I've looked  
over the httpclient main source tree, and it seems a bit long in the  
tooth (I mean no disrespect).  There seems to be some overlap of  
functionality between the source trees.  I wonder if the next version  
of httpclient (4.0) could undergo a sort of re-birth using the server  
code.  Or maybe not but it could use a healthy re-write or major re- 


~ David Smiley

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