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From Ortwin Glück <...@odi.ch>
Subject Re: server code in test sources
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 09:31:39 GMT
Hi David,

The server test code was initially contributed by Christian
Kohlschütter. It was slightly extended afterwards. It's current sole
purpose is to provide a test bed for HttpClient. There are no efforts
going on to make more of it.

For HttpClient 4.0 we have made a complete redesign:
A new subproject http-common will contain classes that are not specific
to client or server side and can be used by both. The client specific
classes will end up in a subproject called http-client. Check out the
code in SVN that is already available. Oleg has already spent a great
deal of work on that. Maybe one day Tomcat can make use of those classes.

Ortwin Glück

David Smiley wrote:
> Hello all.  I am new to this list.  Not long ago I was looking for  open
> source HTTP server/proxy code that I could use to transform  requests &
> responses in a proxy server configuration.  There is code  in the test
> sources of httpclient that I, strangely enough, did NOT  find when I was
> looking for an http proxy but I DID find by accident  later, to my
> pleasant surprise.
> I was quite impressed with the server code in the test sources.  If 
> anybody thinks there is no such thing as self-documenting code, then 
> they haven't seen these sources.  However, the code was not without  its
> flaws and I found myself making moderate changes--particularly  for
> extensibility.  And despite the self-documenting nature, some  things
> were not clear and snagged me.
> What is the disposition of the server code in the test sources?  That 
> is, are there plans / dreams of it being something bigger than its  role
> now or will it indefinitely remain as something whose only  purpose is
> to test httpclient?  If its the former than I'd like to  share specific
> comments on the sources for improvement.  I've looked  over the
> httpclient main source tree, and it seems a bit long in the  tooth (I
> mean no disrespect).  There seems to be some overlap of  functionality
> between the source trees.  I wonder if the next version  of httpclient
> (4.0) could undergo a sort of re-birth using the server  code.  Or maybe
> not but it could use a healthy re-write or major re- factoring.
> Cheers,
> ~ David Smiley
>    MITRE
>    dsmiley@mitre.org

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