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From Ortwin Glück <ortwin.glu...@nose.ch>
Subject Re: Possible bug in NetscapeDraftSpec.java
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 11:32:30 GMT

Juho Mäkinen wrote:
> You and Oleg seems to be right; the server is breacking cookie standards.
> For my bad luck, the software breacking it is a proprietary one, so I can't
> fix it directly.

I guessed that.

>>use the Browser Compatibility cookie spec instead. If that does not
> Browser Compatibility maps itself to use CookieSpecBase -class,
> which is, as noted before, is the base validation class, so it won't work.


> There is also a IgnoreCookieSpec -class, which has empty validate -method,
> but all the other methods are also empty, so it seems that this class
> is designed
> to be used when one wants to ignore every cookie (ie, turn the cookies off)

Yes, that is what it is intended for.

 > [...]

> I'm proposing the following:
> Modify DefaultHttpParamsFactory.java to accept a Fully Qualifed Java Class name
> in a different system property. This way it won't broke the
> compability with older
> versions, and it allows a clear extension point to create custom
> CookieSpec classes.

Apparently we missed to include the (rather new) IgnoreCookiesSpec in 
DefaultHttpParamsFactory. I will file a bug report for that and attach a 
patch. Having a fully qualified class name is not the purpose of this 
parameter (see below).

> If I'm wrong, and there is already an extension point to this, please
> correct me.

Please read
which explains how to implement your own cookie spec by using 

> Otherwise, at the time you are reading this, I'm creating a patch
> against the newest
> CVS version to add this functionality.

Before creating this patch, I would like to have some oppinions of 
others, namely my fellow committers.

Thanks for pointing out the deficiencies.

Ortwin Glück

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