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From Ortwin Glück <ortwin.glu...@nose.ch>
Subject Re: The future of the HttpClient 2.0.x branch
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 12:17:11 GMT

It is simply a community thing: if there is interst in a release, there 
will form a community to maintain it. If not, the release is dead until 
new interest awakens. This said, there is nothing wrong with an idling 
stable release and all the energy put into a new release. Nobody can and 
will force you how to spend your efforts.

For our users the most important thing is to clearly know the status of 
each branch. This includes a statement on how much effort is currently 
going into it. If anybody (we call it the community) out there is 
unhappy about the situation he should step forward and do something 
rather than just complain about it. In practice this would be backport 
and submit patches. And as usual, if we see somebody contributing a 
considerable amount in high quality, we will ask him to become a committer.

Posting something to the user list is a good thing, IMHO. At the same 
time the status should be communicated appropriately on the project web 
site, so anybody can see it.


Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:
> Folks, 
> Even though we have had a fair number of bug reports since 3.0 RC1 I
> consider this to be generally a good sign showing an increased
> deployment of HttpClient 3.0 in various setups and environments. I
> personally deem none of 17 bugs fixed since RC1 very serious, as most of
> those problems occur only in fairly uncommon situations. I believe there
> is enough evidence that HttpClient 3.0 is stable enough as it is and
> will be tested even more before going FINAL sometime in early Autumn.
> The REAL issue here, however, is that only a fraction of the recent bug
> fixes have been back-ported to HttpClient 2.0.x branch, primarily
> because none of them was critical or serious enough to justify the
> effort to port the fix, which is not always a simple process. This poses
> a big question about the future of HttpClient 2.0. I personally simply
> have my hands full with may day job, maintenance of HttpClient 3.0 and
> development of HttpClient 4.0 and have no bandwidth and motivation left
> for HttpClient 2.0. Being a nasty, straight-talking bastard am I, I sort
> of tend to lean toward loudly declaring HttpClient 2.0 defunct, taking
> all the blame for it, and moving on, instead of pretending that using
> HttpClient 2.0 is still okay. At least that would be honest.
> As one and only alternative to de facto discontinuation of 2.0  branch I
> see a possibility of some poor soul coming forth and volunteering to
> take over the maintenance of HttpClient 2.0, while present committers
> concentrate on finalizing HttpClient 3,0 and 4.0 API redesign. This
> actually may be a good opportunity for a completely new person who has
> never contributed code to HttpClient or Jakarta to get involved and
> potentially get on a fast track to a full committership. Instead of
> being such a horribly unpleasant chore it is right now, HttpClient 2.0
> may in fact help us expand the community of active contributors
> So, my evil plan is to hold a poll on the httpclient-user list to gauge
> the level of interest in HttpClient 2.0 maintenance, and based on its
> outcome make a format call for a volunteer on this list.
> What do you think? Would that be too harsh?
> Evil Comrade Oleg
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