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From Michael Becke <mbe...@gmail.com>
Subject Some 4.0 Comments
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2005 03:31:29 GMT
Hi Oleg,

I've been going over all the new 4.0 code and it looks great!  I'm
getting anxious to jump in and start coding.  Overall I agree with
everything you've done so far.

Below are some comments/ideas/questions that came to mind as I was
looking over the code.  Some of them are a little trivial, but I
wanted to write them down before I forgot.

 - I like the change to the HttpParams.  We can probably even take it
a little further by making the Http*Params methods static and just do
things like the following:
    HttpParams params = new HttpParams();
    HttpConnectionParams.setConnectionTimeout(params, 1);
We could then rename either HttpParams or the Http*Params classes to
differentiate them.

 - Should getInputStream() be a part of HttpEntity?  Adding an
HttpIncomingEntity might be better as the InputStream is only really
necessary for the response and on the server side.

 - Header.parse() and HeaderElement.parseElements() should probably be
moved to HeaderParser.
 - Why does HttpLineParser.readRawLine() specify that the input stream
must be unchunked?
 - Is EntityConsumer just a utility class or does it have a bigger
purpose?  If it's just utility we should probably move it to

 - Why are the variables of AbstractHttpConnection transient?  Do we
anticipate serializing connection?

 - To be consistent we should rename HeadersParser to HeaderParser.
 - It seems a little overkill, but to be consistent with
HttpMessage/HttpMutableMessage we should probably separate the set/get
methods in HttpEntityEnclosingMessage.
 - The third assertEquals() in TestEncodingUtils.testBytesToString()
doesn't work for me as my default charset is ASCII.  I would go ahead
and change this one, but I'm not sure what you were trying to test.
 I'm going to continue going over the new code and also start filling
in some of the missing spaces.
 Nice work Oleg!

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