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From Beau Cronin <bcro...@MIT.EDU>
Subject NTLM type 2 header issue
Date Sun, 30 Jan 2005 19:02:38 GMT
I am trying to integrate NTLM authentication into the Heritrix web
crawler (using the httpclient-beta1 codebase).  My problem is that the
type 2 message from the NTLM server I am testing against seems to
return a scheme name (i.e., the header of the type 2 message) of
"Negotiate", rather than "NTLM", which is what
NTLMScheme.processChallenge() is expecting.  The result is that
processChallenge throws a MalformedChallengeException.

That is, AuthChallengeParser.extractScheme(challenge) returns
"Negotiate" on the type 2 message.  It properly returns "NTLM" when run
on the first challenge.

As far as I can tell, all NTLM messages should have "NTLM" as the
header.  Is anyone familiar with the source of this behavior?  Is this
within the NTLM "spec", or is there something weird going on here?

Thanks for your time,

Beau Cronin

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