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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: HttpClient API redesign: HLCA --- http-common ---
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 21:17:24 GMT

> So my questions are:
> - Does anyone else see the need for tracking these
>   relations between request and response objects?
>   (If not, forget the rest ;-)

I cant think of a good practical reason for keeping track of 1xx

> - Should that information be collected in the objects
>   themselves? Then there would be query methods
>   in the interfaces.

Maybe. HttpResponse#getIntermediateResponses is possibility, but a
fairly ugly one

> - Should that information be collected in separate
>   objects instead? Then we need at least another
>   interface, probably with default implementation.
>   (That's why I raise this question now, while we
>   are discussing an initial list of classes/interfaces
>   for each component.)
> I like the separate objects better. I don't have a
> convicing idea for a name though.
> HttpMessageTrace?
> HttpPingPong?
> HttpChitChat?

How is the trace object supposed to be retrieved? Can we still keep
HttpMethodExecutor stateless?

I would rather see the same effect achieved by using the observable
pattern and the HttpFilter interface. The user may choose to keep track
of Http response objects received by the filter

> This idea combines nicely with asynchronous method
> execution. I might ask a request whether it has been
> sent already, whether there is a response, whether
> there is an ultimate response. If the request is sent,
> I might block until the next or ultimate response is
> available, with or without timeout.

I REALLY like the idea of non-blocking requests. That would be quite a
paradigm shift, though. This idea is definitely worth exploring. Could
you add a section of this subject to the proposal draft in Wiki?



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