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From Guillaume Cottenceau ...@mnc.ch>
Subject threads problem with many connections
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 10:57:46 GMT

We use HttpClient for performing several HTTP post in parallel in
our applications. We have a problem when the server(s) receiving
our HTTP post either answers very slowly, or goes mad and sends
garbage data over and over: the connection stays open forever,
but more important, the Java threads as well. We have situations
where we reach the maximum of Java threads our (tomcat)
application is configured to handle, and our whole application is
then unusable.

It seems that java.nio is capable of using only one thread for
several lowlevel (OS) socket connections, and is actually also
quite efficient.

I have seen that Oleg Kalnichevski has already expressed his
views several times on the subject, and I have seen that you want
to keep 1.2 compatibility, so java.nio out.


(btw, I don't agree with "in my opinion there's absolutely
nothing that NIO can bring in in terms of performance to
client-side applications" - well I agree that pure "performance"
is not the problem but threads and memory consumption surely is -
so in my opinion there is a lot to win with java.nio in

My question is, since you don't want to lose 1.2 compatibility
before 4.0, is there then a way to solve a typical "too many
threads" problem such as the one we have? Do you people never had
the same problem? Or have found a way to solve it?

It seems the HTTP protocol doesn't have anything resembling a
"global timeout" for a given connection (e.g. after x seconds,
close the receiving channel even if server hasn't finished
sending), and thus normally httpclient doesn't provide such a
thing. Do you think this should be investigated/implemented in
some way?

Thanks, and best regards.

Guillaume Cottenceau

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