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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ATTN Open-source projects using HttpClient
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 18:36:43 GMT
> That'd be grand if its possible (We like the IBM JVMs' speed and more 
> detailed thread dumps).  We used to subclass httpclient so we could do 
> the below, moving the setting of the timeout till after the open.  
> HttpClient 3.0 now sets timeout, etc., after the open seemingly so our 
> subclass is no longer necessary (Hurray!).


Could you retest HttpClient 3.0a3 with IBM JRE and let us know if the
problem still persists?

> HttpRecorder duplicates all sent and received to files on disk.  It wraps the (buffered)
socket streams with input/output streams that do the duplication.  Subsequently, the file
is fed to a set of processors to with as they wilt.  Link extraction is main task performed
by processors.
> We need to record what was sent over the wire preserving order and all bytes sent back
and forth (We're trying to archive the web).  If there's a less intrusive way of getting what
we need, we'd love to hear of it.

One possibility would be some thing like that:

public class HeritixMethod extends GetMethod {

  class HeritixConnectionWrapper extends HttpConnection {
  public int execute(HttpState state, HttpConnection conn) 
    throws HttpException, IOException {
    return super.execute(state, new HeritixConnectionWrapper(conn));

It's ugly but should prevent you from having to patch HttpClient. A
better solution would be a pluggable HttpConnection implementation. This
will have to wait until 4.0, though


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