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From "Dale McIntosh" <dale...@san.rr.com>
Subject Problems using AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory to send Client Certificate in HTTPS session handshake
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2004 20:26:21 GMT
I have been trying for quite a wile to get the  AuthSSLProtocolSocketFactory
to send a client certificate and it  doesn't seem to be working. I am
wondering if the server (Oracle single sign-on server) is requesting the
client cert. When the request is made from a browser, the browser does send
the client cert. I have attached, my application, it is relatively simple
and a debug log.  The debug options I used were -
I have looked at the debug log and I do not see a certificate request.
However, when IE is used, IE sends a client certificate.

Any help would be appreciated.

            Dale McIntosh

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