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From Eric Bloch <bl...@laszlosystems.com>
Subject Problems with commons-logging jar and request for advice.
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 22:39:03 GMT
Hey Folks,

I've experienced a few problems with httpclient not instantiating in a 
web application under some containers (websphere 5.1 is the latest, but 
I've seen problems in tomcat and ATG as well).  This turns out to 
*always* be a problem with class-loading and commons-logging.  It's hard 
to precisely describe the problems, but it always seems like it has 
something to do with different class-loaders loading the commons-logging 
  api or implementation jar.

I'm wondering what the current advice is on common-logging.  See 
http://www.qos.ch/logging/thinkAgain.html for details on links to the 
numerous problems and problem reports with commons-logging.  I imagine I 
could be walking into a religious debate here, bu, as far as I can tell, 
commons-logging is basically broken wrt to its class-loader and the 
servlet-container spec for class-loading.  (It always chooses the Java 
spec rather than the servlet container spec).

I really only care about httpclient, but unfortunately, it seems I'm 
stuck with commons-logging because httpclient uses it.  The only plan I 
can think of now is to remove commons-logging from httpclient.

1) Is there anyone else interested in a copy of httpclient modified to 
use either jdk1.4 logging or log4j logging directly?  Any preferences 
(me I prefer log4j mostly because it's what I'm accustomed to).

2) Anyone have any advice on how to maintain a copy of httpclient that 
avoided commons-logging?

3) Anyone know any commons-logging folks I can email/talk to?

FWIW, I'm not a class-loader expert.  I've tried to explain the problems 
to commons-logging folks in a bug I filed (and in other bugs I've read), 
but I don't see this getting resolved in a timely fashion.


A few details btw:

To get things working in ATG, I had to:

- unjar DAS/lib/classes.jar
- remove org/apache/common/*
- jar it back up into classes.jar

I also removed the common_logging.jar file (it looks like there are some 
additional org.apache.common.logging classes in there too)

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