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From Karthikeyani K <karthikeya...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Invoke a httpclient in a EJB
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 12:48:38 GMT
Thanks everyone.
The EJB restrictions specified at http://java.sun.com/blueprints/qanda/ejb_tier/restrictions.html
state that 
    Enterprise beans should not listen on, accept connections on, or mutlicast from a network
     Why can an enterprise bean not listen to or accept connections on a socket? 
Because if an enterprise bean is listening on a socket, it can't be passivated -- it must
always be available. Enterprise beans can be network socket clients, and so they can use other
network resources (including other enterprise bean servers) to do their jobs. Just as with
a database connection, don't hang on to open client sockets across method calls; instead,
open them, communicate through the socket, and close it before returning from the method.

      So does it mean that we cannot use a HttpClient to invoke a postmethod from within a
EJB, as httpclient creates sockets.  Please clarify. Is there any other alternate way.



Gareth Davis <gareth@logicalpractice.com> wrote:
EJB + threads + httpclient... yes does break the letter of the spec's, 
but yep it works and it works just fine.

Who ever wrote the spec that said you couldn't open a socket in an EJB 
really wasn't living in the real world.

The only thing to watch is that MultiThreadedConnectionManager does 
start it's own thread for managing the pool, this does work in an EJB 
but it won't be shutdown correctly when the application is stopped, you 
may find that you create a thread leak.

Having said this I've only tried this in WebSphere 4 and 5. Version 4 
it wasn't a big deal as the process for the appserver got restarted 
when re-installing the app, but in websphere 5 it caused a leak.

Gareth Davis
Logical Practice Systems Limited

On 4 Aug 2004, at 16:20, Karthikeyani K wrote:

> Hi,
> We have all requests posted to a servlet which delegates the 
> request to a Stateless Session Bean. Does creatring and invoking a 
> Httpclient postmethod in a helper class invoked by the Stateless 
> Session Bean violate any of the EJB specifications. (EJB spec says 
> sockets are not to be created in EJB code etc. ). Please suggest.
> Thanks,
> Karthi
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