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From Eric Bloch <bl...@laszlosystems.com>
Subject Re: questionable default value for BufferedOutputStream size in HttpConnection and memory usage?
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 23:38:06 GMT

> JMX has not been formally considered or discussed on this list. I
> personally do not think it would have made a good match
> HttpClient needs to allow for customization of lots of short-lived
> objects (HttpMethods, HostConfigurations, HttpConnections, etc), whereas
> JMS is better suited for relatively few long-lived objects that usually
> represent some type of services (at least IHMO). JMX would be simply too
> much, too heavy-weight. For HttpClient's needs light-weight linked
> hash-maps do just fine. 
> This said, an JMX layer sitting on top of HttpClient that provide MBeans
> for HttpClient instances would be a great contribution

Hey Oleg,

Next time I have the cycles to sit down with JMX *and* port Laszlo's
product from httpclient 2.0 to httpclient 3.0, I may be able to get to
this :-).  I'd be focused on settings for a client using the 

Btw, how do I go about getting the Laszlo Presentation Server listed on
the applications page for httpclient?  We've been a user since 1.0
actually.  We use httpclient as the core HTTP transport for a
transcoding proxy inside the Laszlo Presentation Server.  See
http://www.laszlosystems.com/ for all sorts of details including free
developer and non-commericial-use downloads and documentation.  As to a
short blurb for the 'applications page', something like:

The Laszlo Presentation Server is an XML-native platform for the
development and delivery of a new generation of Rich Internet
Applications.  For a quick introduction see:
http://www.laszlosystems.com/lps/laszlo-in-ten-minutes/ .

Btw, we also have an interest in using httpclient as the transport for a
SOAP client if anyone else is working on that.

-Eric Bloch

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