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From Adrian Sutton <adr...@intencha.com>
Subject Re: Cannot use HttpClient to search google
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 05:05:14 GMT
Hi Vincent,
While I appreciate that your intentions are not malicious and that you 
may well be within the terms of Google's service, I would very much 
prefer to avoid the potential issues altogether by not working around 
Google's technical limitations.

For experimenting with HttpClient I'd suggest you just pick a different 
URL - http://jakarta.apache.org would be a good one.  If you do come 
across this problem or ones like it at other sites where the terms of 
service are less risky then we can certainly help you work how to get 
HttpClient to access the site. You'll find in the list archives that 
we've helped quite a number of people get HttpClient to work with sites 
that for some reason pose technical problems (usually because of their 
lack of standards compliance).


Adrian Sutton.

On 12/07/2004, at 11:36 AM, Vincent Chain wrote:

> Well, I view this as a technical question. I have no
> intention to use the
> code for automated querying and this is for my
> experiment of the HttpClient.
> Google happens to be the URL i choose. There could be
> another host that does
> similar things as google, but does not enforce similar
> terms. And the issue
> would still be there right? I am asking a technical
> question here, but your
> points are taken.
> Thanks
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