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From "Rezaei, Mohammad A." <mohammad.rez...@gs.com>
Subject RE: Question and comment about 3.0 API
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 20:42:37 GMT
>So, currently 
>* The connection level socket timeout represents the default value
>settable upon connection initialization.
>* The optional method level socket timeout represents the 
>value settable
>upon method execution which overrides the default one.
>The old 2.0-style socket and connect timeout settings correspond to
>those of the connection manager (at least IMO).
>Let me now if you think that all this stuff does (or does not) make any

Hmmm.. With the 3.0 api, there are 3 levels: connection manager, http
client, http method.

With the 2.0 API, even though we wanted per method control, we used to call

The 2.0 code in HttpClient.java is very simple:    

public synchronized void setTimeout(int newTimeoutInMilliseconds) {
    this.timeoutInMilliseconds = newTimeoutInMilliseconds;

Specifically, we set it to 20000 to "ping" a server and then set it to 0 to
execute the real call. It worked just fine (that is, it would never timeout
when set to zero).

With 3.0, the same call sequence broke: when we set the timeout to 0 after
it had been set to 20000, it would actually timeout. The 3.0 code from

    public synchronized void setTimeout(int newTimeoutInMilliseconds) {

I think if this code would use this.getParams() instead, it would work as
before. We've changed our code to use the httpMethod.setTimeout(), which
makes more sense; but I thought I'd bring it up as it is a non-trivial
change in the behavior.

>I reviewed the code found only two instances where the root exception
>was not propagated to the caller

Exception patch looks good to me. 
BTW, we haven't had any issues with Alpha 1. 


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