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From "Rezaei, Mohammad A." <mohammad.rez...@gs.com>
Subject Question and comment about 3.0 API
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 14:32:23 GMT
I'm testing out the new 3.0 API stuff and a couple of things have come up:

1) The new Params hierarchy is cool. One thing that seems a little strange
is constructs like:


Seems a little unintuitive to call a set method after a get, especially
because there is also the setParams() method. In other words, it's not clear
if the above is the preferred method, or maybe:

Params p = method.getParams(); // should this be new Params(); ??

2) The deprecated set parameter methods in HttpClient seem to set the
parameters on the connection manager. Why? Shouldn't those be set on the
HttpClientParams (specifically, see setSoTimeout()).

3) Minor point: We got an IO timeout exception and it didn't have the
underlying cause. I tracked it down to
HttpConnection.WrappedInputStream.handleException: the exception constructor
is not passing in the cause. Trivial to fix, but maybe a short review of the
code is in order to find such instances.


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