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From "Andre-John Mas" <a...@expedia.com>
Subject RE: NTLM authentication to an MS Exchange web page account using HTTP Client V2.0
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 15:01:37 GMT
Okay, seems like I missed something and now I understand :) I should read further
before the knee jerk reaction.

I have just got my friend to try connecting to out intranet web server with
Safari and it does not support NTLM authentication. The only two web clients
on the platform that do suppor it are Mozilla variety and Internet Explorer.
Though I can't confirm whether they use the user's logged in credentials, since
he logs in to his portable with local authentication and then connects to the
servers on a case by case basis. As for 'JDK with HttpUrlConnection' I have not
yet tested this. It may turn out to be a Windowss only solution.

Thinking about it, I believe the ideal solution would be to create an authentication
factory, which would return an instance of an 'authenticator' (my made up name), based
on specified name. This would allow us to have the flexibility of either returning a
pure Java instance of an implementation (if possible) or one that has a native
implementation. If an authenticator could not initialise itself for the given platform
or environment, then an Exception would be thrown. How does this sound? - note: 2min
design process



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From: Roland Weber [mailto:ROLWEBER@de.ibm.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 2:14 AM
To: Commons HttpClient Project
Subject: RE: NTLM authentication to an MS Exchange web page account using HTTP Client V2.0

Hello Andre-John,

> The only issue I would have of using a JNI solution, is that it would
> work on MS-Windows, but break everywhere else. Being a client, we need
> to have the flexibility to work no matter the platform. I have a
> collegue
> who has PowerBook which he uses on our Windows network, so this is such
> a user a JNI solution would lock out.
> [...snipped Adrian's note about a JNI implementation...]
> On 24/06/2004, at 2:31 AM, Steve Johnson wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > Thanks again Adrian, very helpful.
> >
> > The NTCredentials API shows that the user, password, host, and domain
> > can be set. Is it possible to use the logged-in users credentials?
> > This way it would allow a user to be authenticated without
> > reentering user/pw.
> >
> > Thanks for the help,
> > Steve
> >

Since the question about using the credentials of the OS user pops up
every few months, could you (or rather your colleague) tell us whether
that feature is available on the Mac platform at all? More precisely,
- IE for Mac
- Safari
- JDK with HttpUrlConnection
use the logged-in user's credentials to automatically authenticate
against an HTTP server with NTLM?

If the latter is true, there still might be a platform-independent class
somewhere in sun.* or com.sun.*. If not, we would at least know that it
is a Windows-only or IE-only feature in the first place, which can not
be expected to be provided by Java in a cross-platform manner.

cheers and thanks,

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