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From "Preygel, Sofya" <Prey...@pbworld.com>
Subject RE: 'Socket closed' exception using
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 14:02:56 GMT

Good morning,

I am still working on the 'socket connection' problem. According to the
Connotate tech support a possible reason of getting this exception is
that the connection is not being closed on the client, but instead,
released to the pool:

"The socket closure is happening on the WMS side.  That is, since the
connection is not being closed on the client side between each
invocation, the server eventually enters an invalid state and forcibly
closes the connection.  When that happens depends on a number of things
and would appear to be almost random from the client point of view... A
verification of the connection pooling behavior or a test run with code
that guarantees closure of the connection would be needed to eliminate
it. "

I am doubtful of this explanation. I create a new HTTPClient object for
each request (using the SimpleHttpConnectionManager object), and looking
through the HTTPClient code I do not see how the connection can be
re-used in such situation. Yet you guys and the guys at Connotate
certainly know this subject better than I do, and I  an eager to try
everything. My question is: does this explanation seem plausible to you?
If yes, what would be the way to force-close the connection after the
request? Can I do this using the "connection: close" header params?

Thank you,

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