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From "Jean, Victor [IT]" <victor.j...@citigroup.com>
Subject Cookie Visibility Problem from https to http
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 23:07:19 GMT

I'm having an issue where a cookie set by posting to a https:// link is not being recognized/picked
up when i make a http:// call.  

I'm using HttpClient and PostMethod to send username/password to be authenticated at the https
link.  Once authenticated, a cookie is set by the server and then I make a http call using
GetMethod to access the link I need.  However, the http call does not pickup the cookie and
I get redirected to authenticate again.  If I make a https get call after the cookie is set,
the link works fine in detecting the cookie, the problem is with http calls.  Can someone
help by telling me how to make the cookie visible to http when it has been set by https?

Below is my sample code:

	 //Setup the httpclient
	 HttpClient client = new HttpClient();

	 Protocol.registerProtocol("https", new Protocol("https",
					new EasySSLProtocolSocketFactory(), 443));

	 String authenticationURL = "https://somelink";

        //Post the username/password to the authentication URL
        PostMethod postUserPasswod = new PostMethod(authenticationURL);

        //Execute the Post, If Successful a authentication cookie will be set
        //Then continue executing the request


	  GetMethod requestURL = new GetMethod("http://somelink/test.html");
	  client.executeMethod(requestURL );
	  ins = new BufferedInputStream(requestURL .getResponseBodyAsStream());

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