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From Costin Manolache <cmanola...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: misc related to moving to Jakarta sub-project
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 00:15:10 GMT
Daniel L. Rall wrote:

> Jeff Dever wrote:
> ...
>>> 3) Will you be changing package name?
>> I'd suggest that the naming conventions of HttpClient be consistant 
>> with other top level projects. So the new root package be 
>> org.apache.httpclient, website be 
>> http://jakarta.apache.org/httpclient/, etc... This would cause some 
>> import annoyance and broken links, but consistancy is important. We 
>> should take reasonable measures to minimize the disrutpion to users 
>> caused by this move.
> Jeff, how about providing a set of transitional 
> org.apache.commons.httpclient facades or extension classes for a one 
> release deprecation period?  These classes would ship along side the 
> real org.apache.httpclient structure, and all be marked as deprecated, 
> allowing consumers of HTTP Client some warning and a brief period for 
> transition at little cost to the development community.
> - Dan

I don't know if I have any voting rights on this issue, but I must send 
my -1 ( as a user at least ) on gratuitous API changes.

The fact that HttpClient moved to jakarta or it may later move to TLP or 
in some other place is not a good reason to change it's name.
Ant still has the same package name it had in 1.0 release ( or it had 
last time I checked ). The pain you would inflict on users by
requiring them to change code just because you become a jakarta 
subproject is completely unjustified.

Yes, sometimes consistancy is good - but consistancy with the current 
codebase and users is far more important.
The only reasonable measure to minimize the disruption is to not change 
the package name. I can't see any reasonability in hurting
the project users with cosmetic changes.


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