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From m_sam...@canada.com
Subject Contributed Code: Proxy Tunnels for binary protocols
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 02:59:49 GMT
[ Sorry I had to remove the zip because it was bounced
by the list - pls let me know where or to whom it
should be sent - MS ]


A while back we discussed some changes I proposed to
allow one to use HttpClient to negotiate with a web
proxy (authentication and tunnel via CONNECT) in order
to create a TCP connection for use by arbitrary (even
binary), non-HTTP protocols, in my case JXTA over TCP. 
This was basically all about providing direct access to
the Socket underylying a HttpConnection.

Anyhow, I have done those modifications and introduced
the 'NullMethod' class.   These changes are in the
attached zip.  Also included in the zip are changes to
make Jxta-TCP use this web proxy tunneling ability.

These modifications were written by me and are courtesy
of my employer, Ecmarket.  They are released to the
public domain. Please see the LICENCE.txt file in the
attached zip.

I hope these changes or changes of a similar nature
will be included in future versions of HttpClient.  I
believe providing access to the Socket will be very
useful (for example I wrote a program to tunnel SSH
through a web proxy using these mods).


/Mike Sample

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