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From Adrian Sutton <adr...@intencha.com>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL][DRAFT] Promote HttpClient to Jakarta level
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 12:15:56 GMT
Hi all,
Here's the updated proposal as promised.  A change log is below:

* Removed Sean C. Sullivan and Sung-Gu from the list of committers due to
them not having a CLA on file.  The email address for both these people is
their @apache.org address.  I've attempted to contact them at those
addresses but I imagine they will have been disabled.

* Removed Rodney Waldhoff from the list of committers pending his
notification that he'd like to remain with the project.  I have contacted
him off list about this just now and he will be immediately readded if he
wishes to be.  All other committers voted on the proposal to move to Jakarta
and so I assume to be still with the project.  If anyone "wants out", please
let me know.

* Changed to having separate lists for user and dev, with CVS commit
messages going to the dev list.

* Added commons-logging and commons-codec to the list of dependencies.

* Updated list of RFCs implemented to match the current list on the website.

* Updated list of projects using HttpClient to match those on the
applications page of the website.  I'm wondering if we now list too many.
Should we just have a statement to the effect that a wide range of projects
depend on HttpClient or should we actually list the ones we've been told

I think that was all the requests that came in.  Let me know if I missed
something and as always comments and criticisms are encouraged.


Adrian Sutton.

HTTP is the main protocol used today on the internet.  Although the JDK
includes basic support for building HTTP-aware client applications, it
doesn't provide the flexibility or ease of use needed for many projects.

The current package in Jakarta-Commons is a widely used implementation with
a strong community behind it.  The size of it's community and it's project
has significantly outgrown the commons project and a move to a Jakarta level
project would provide better support for that community and for the on going
development of HttpClient.

The project shall create and maintain a Java library implementing the client
side of the HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocol, as defined in RFC 1945, RFC 2616 and
RFC 2617.

HttpClient also supports the following RFCs.

* RFC 2109 for HTTP state management mechanism (Cookies) - an upgrade to RFC
2965 is planned for a future version of HttpClient

* RFC 2396 Uniform Resoruce Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax

* RFC 1867 Form-based File Upload in HTML

The package should:

* Have an API which should be as simple to use as possible
* Be as easy to extend as possible
* Provide unconditional support for HTTP/1.1

The package is quite different from the HTTP client provided as part of the
JDK (java.net.HttpURLConnection), as it focuses on the HTTP methods being
sent (instead of making that transparent to the user), and generally allows
more interaction with the lower level connection.  The JDK client is also
not very intuitive to use.

The package is used by a wide range of projects both within the ASF and from
third parties.  These include:

* Jakarta Slide
* Jakarta Commons Latka
* Nortel Networks
* HtmlUnit
* Jakarta Cactus
* JSR 147
* NOSE Applied Intelligence ag
* MindIQ's Design-a-Course
* ContactOffice
* Newknow
* de4d2c
* Furies
* Term Highlighting for Verity Ultraseek search results
* Mule - Universal Message Objects
* many more.

(1.5) Interaction With Other Packages

HttpClient relies on:

* Java Development Kit (Version 1.2 or later; 1.3 or later recommended)
* Jakarta commons-logging (Version 1.0 or later)
* Jakarta commons-codec (Version 1.2 or later)


The initial codebase exists as a sub-project of Jakarta-Commons, in the
httpclient subdirectory of the jakarta-commons cvs tree.

The proposed package name for the new sub-project is org.apache.httpclient.


* CVS Repository - New module, jakarta-httpclient in the CVS repository.

* Initial Committers - The list is provided below.  All of the proposed
committers are currently jakarta-commons committers.

* Mailing List - Two new mailing lists will be required:
httpclient-dev@jakarta.apache.org and httpclient-user@jakarta.apache.org
These will be used for developer discussions and user discussions
respectively.  CVS commit messages will be sent to the httpclient-dev list.

* Bugzilla - New product category "HttpClient", with appropriate version
identifiers as needed.  Existing bugs in the HttpClient component under the
Commons product category will need to be migrated.

The initial committers on the HttpClient component shall be:

* Michael Becke
* Jeff Dever
* dIon Gillard
* Ortwin Gl├╝ck
* Oleg Kalnichevski
* Adrian Sutton

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