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From "Dan Tran" <dantt...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: TestWebappBasicAuth fails on IIS
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 19:06:35 GMT

Roland, I have IIS connecting to tomcat containing httpclienttest.war via 
iis_redirector, and run httpclienttest against iis.

As you have said, IIS does intercept the header.  I can either add the 
user/password hardcoded in the httpclienttest to IIS and run the test again, 
or I can figure out how to make IIS not to intercept the basic 
authentication.  The later one is the perfer way. but still no clue yet.


>From: Roland Weber <ROLWEBER@de.ibm.com>
>Reply-To: "Commons HttpClient Project" 
>To: "Commons HttpClient Project" 
>Subject: Re: TestWebappBasicAuth fails on IIS
>Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 07:31:27 +0100
>Hello Dan,
>IIS will try to verify the authentication headers it gets.
>If your users and passwords are known to Windows,
>the requests should pass through just fine.
>What exactly is an "httpclient servlet"?
>Have you checked which plugins are active in IIS?
>Maybe you can move the plugin of your servlet
>engine in front of the IIS authentication, so the
>servlet gets the request before IIS authenticates it.
>I'm just guessing here, I only conducted a few
>authentication experiments with IIS last year.
>   Roland
>"Dan Tran" <danttran@hotmail.com>
>17.03.2004 17:28
>Please respond to "Commons HttpClient Project"
>         To:     "Commons HttpClient Project"
>         cc:
>         Subject:        TestWebappBasicAuth fails on IIS
>Hello, I think IIS rejects any Basic Authentication request.  Is there a
>to configure IIS to allow these
>request to passthru to httpclient servlets?
>Any suggestions?
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