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From Michael McGrady <m...@michaelmcgrady.com>
Subject Re: @author tags
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 16:01:57 GMT
Thanks, Roland!  You are a balanced mind.  Refreshing!  I read the IBM and 
SCO complaint.  There is nothing extra-ordinary about that.  If someone 
were taking proprietary code and introducing it into open source, that 
would be something that should be stopped.  The @author tags are not 
related to this sort of conduct, unless we were trying to hide this 
activity by not using the tags.  The proper response to these shennanigans 
would be to discourage it openly and provide the best way we could to 
identify culprits.  Truth, not fiction and not falsity, is the best defense 
in legal matters.

At 12:30 AM 3/16/2004, you wrote:
>Hello Michael,
>I hope this mail is still readable once it is converted
>to text-only format...
> > Fuel to this fire, I think, is fine.  Why not talk it out?
>Primarily because this mailing list is not for legal discussion,
>and we'll never ever "talk it out". You are a lawyer, most of us
>are not. Your views are founded in your knowledge of the law of
>the country you work in, while ours are based on news reports
>about seemingly nonsensical lawsuits filed in the US. You can't
>convince us because we don't have the background knowledge to
>verify your arguments.
>For my part, I believe that there will always be at least one
>lawyer that represents the opposite of your views, if paid enough
>money. That's why it takes judges to make verdicts, right?
> > >    * Based on what I've read,
> > Would you spell out "what [you've] read" to make you think this?  What
> > of allegations?  What kind of analysis of code?  How does this relate to
> > ASF?  You are too dark here.  Let us know what you actually are
>www.groklaw.net should be a good starting point. I remember that one
>example of "stolen code" involves indentical comments that go back
>to a common code base from which both, the proprietary and the open
>source software, got the same code. Or something like that.
>   Roland

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