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From Michael McGrady <m...@michaelmcgrady.com>
Subject Re: @author tags
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:49:12 GMT
+1  What are these "social issues"?  I keep hearing the label but don't 
know the reality.  Are they important?  If people have troubles, let them 
have them.  That's my take on that sort of thing.

At 12:30 AM 3/16/2004, you wrote:
>Hello Eric,
>I was thinking about some kind of metrics, too.
>Not as advanced as yours, of course :-) But then
>I felt that a ranking is not the best approach. It
>may lure people to use tricks just to improve
>their ranking.
>There should be something that indicates the
>kind and volume of contributions, sure. Like
>"that many mails", "that many bug reports", and
>so on. But instead of trying to compute a ranking
>from it, I would prefer a randomized order, with
>the kind and volume of contributions listed for
>each person. Maybe with some "hall of fame"
>into which the major contributors can be voted.
>Somehow I feel that the social issues should not
>be tackled with a purely technical solution.
>   Roland
>Eric Johnson <eric@tibco.com>
>15.03.2004 22:52
>Please respond to "Commons HttpClient Project"
>         To:     Commons HttpClient Project
>         cc:
>         Subject:        Re: @author tags
>At the risk of adding fuel to an unproductive discussion, I thought I'd
>throw in my comments:
>Having noted some of the "social" issues, I do have to say that this
>mailing list has been very friendly and welcoming, and my compliments to
>everyone for keeping it that way.
>While not an entirely accurate measure, I have an urge to suggest a
>mathematical and statistical recognition metric, combining:
>     * # of emails written to developer list
>     * # of patches submitted
>     * # of responses to bugzilla issues, wherein said person is not the
>       reporter of the particular issue.
>     * # of bugzilla issues reported, wherein reporting does not result
>       in an INVALID categorization
>     * negative points for each INVALID Bugzilla report (people wasting
>       time and energy on behalf of the group)
>     * Other contributions?
>My gut instinct is that some of these contributions should be weighted
>more than others, but seeing as this is a quagmire, I'm not sure I'd
>want to suggest what that weighting would be - at least not yet.  The
>resulting number could be used to generate a ranking, and possibly a
>weighting of each contributor.
>With each release, the tally should be accumulated for some time period
>prior to that release (6 months?), and those people should be recognized
>in the release notes, and perhaps also on the web site.
>Such a metric would at least be an improvement over what we have now.
>It would at least recognize people who do "nothing more" than track down
>bugs.  It would also give us some visibility into the size and
>involvement of the HttpClient community.
>Darts welcome!
>Michael Becke wrote:
> > The ASF has recently recommended that we discontinue use of @author
> > tags.  When first starting out I always enjoyed seeing my name in
> > "lights", though I do agree with the ASF's opinion on this matter.  If
> > we come to a consensus to remove @authors I suggest that we remove
> > them from all existing code, as well as leave them out of new
> > additions.   Any comments?
> >
> > Mike
> >
> >
> > Begin forwarded message:  ASF Board Summary for February 18, 2004
> >
> > <snip>
> >
> >>   - author tags are officially discouraged. these create difficulties
> >>     establishing the proper ownership and the protection of our
> >>     committers. there are other social issues dealing with
> >>     development, but the Board is concerned about the legal
> >> ramifications
> >>     around the use of author tags
> >>
> >>   - it is quite acceptable and encouraged to recognize developers'
> >> efforts
> >>     in a CHANGES file, or some other descriptive file which is
> >> associated
> >>     with the overall PMC or release rather than individual files.
> >
> > <snip>
> >
> >
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