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From Ortwin Glück <ortwin.glu...@nose.ch>
Subject Re: Setting maxTotalConnections and maxHostConnections
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 06:54:23 GMT

I think those parameters can drastically affect the performance of your 
system. I suggest you draw a chart of your system and fill in figures 
about computational load, number of connections between machines and 
traffic with the estimated number of users. Perform some load tests to 
get an idea about the load. You should then be able to figure out where 
is the bottleneck in your system. Is it the network? Is it the CPU on 
the Flash generation or on image transformation?

By limiting the mentioned settings in HttpClient you effectively limit 
the number of requests that can be processed in parallel. If you have 
enough CPU power and network capacity there is no need to artificially 
limit the number of parallel requests. Even if a limit is necessary, 
this should be configurable on the server that processes the requests 
(for instance by use of priority queues), not on the client side that 
issues the requests.

The only reason for you to limit HttpClient is to save resources on the 
client side. My stomach tells me that you should avoid running into the 
limit you set on HttpClient or you will experience weird lag behaviour.

However, it's hard to tell what will happen in a setup as complex as 
yours. So be sure to perform real-life tests.


Ortwin Glück

TPhannguyen@behr.com wrote:
> [...] We are expecting 
> to get North of 100,000 users a day [...]
> We use the dynamic coloring to allow our customers to paint rooms online. 
> We are using httpclient on the app servers to request resources from the 
> web servers and the dynamic coloring servers.  We transform all the 
> resources into a Flash movie.
> [...]  The maxTotalConnections and maxHostConnections used to be
> set at 20 on that application.  We have been recommended by the vendor to 
> change that setting to 1000. [...]

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