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From Jeff Dever <j...@dever.ca>
Subject Re: @author tags
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 22:28:48 GMT
Mike posted the board reccomendation at the begining of this thread.
Much of the heat on the PMC list is a lack of consultation and exposure
of this issue.

Sombody must know what they were thinking, but its not me.


Michael McGrady wrote:

> Does anyone have the "recommendation" or the reasoning?  There seems to
> be a dirth of information on what they were thinking about.  Just to
> assume that representatives of the various projects know more than the
> members of the projects about this issue is not a good way to go, in my
> opinion.
> Mike
> At 06:01 AM 3/12/2004, you wrote:
>> Adrian,
>> As far as I can see, the discussion is happening on many project
>> lists, and on the pmc list.  You would think general@jakarta would be
>> a better forum, but its quiet there.
>> Because this is a board "recomendation" individual projects have to
>> make their own dicisions on wether to implement it or not. 
>> HttpClients committers and community will have to decide to do this or
>> not for HttpClient.  As HttpClient is still part of Commons, this
>> decision could be defered to all of Commons, but given HttpClients top
>> level aspirations, I would encourage HttpClient to make this decision
>> on its own.
>> -jsd
>> Adrian Sutton wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I understand that people have a lot to say on this topic, however
>>> this is
>>> most definitely not the list to say it on.  No one on this list has the
>>> legal authority to represent or make decisions on behalf of the ASF
>>> and this
>>> is an ASF decision.  The recommendation that author tags not be used
>>> came
>>> down from the board of the ASF which does have the ability to make such
>>> decisions, nothing we say here will change that.
>>> I certainly don't intend to tell people not to voice their opinions
>>> on this
>>> matter, every decision in the ASF can potentially be reversed but such
>>> issues need to be taken to the ASF board or at least the PMC (the PMC is
>>> apparently already hotly debating this topic).
>>> My biggest problem at the moment is thinking of a list that
>>> non-committers
>>> can subscribe to that would be appropriate for this conversation. 
>>> license@
>>> is closed, community@ is closed board@ is closed, pmc@ is closed.  Where
>>> exactly is the best place for these conversations to take place in a
>>> manner
>>> that is open to contributions from everyone?
>>> Regards,
>>> Adrian Sutton.
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