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From Jeff Dever <j...@dever.ca>
Subject Re: @author tags
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 14:01:14 GMT

As far as I can see, the discussion is happening on many project lists, 
and on the pmc list.  You would think general@jakarta would be a better 
forum, but its quiet there.

Because this is a board "recomendation" individual projects have to make 
their own dicisions on wether to implement it or not.  HttpClients 
committers and community will have to decide to do this or not for 
HttpClient.  As HttpClient is still part of Commons, this decision could 
be defered to all of Commons, but given HttpClients top level 
aspirations, I would encourage HttpClient to make this decision on its own.


Adrian Sutton wrote:

>Hi all,
>I understand that people have a lot to say on this topic, however this is
>most definitely not the list to say it on.  No one on this list has the
>legal authority to represent or make decisions on behalf of the ASF and this
>is an ASF decision.  The recommendation that author tags not be used came
>down from the board of the ASF which does have the ability to make such
>decisions, nothing we say here will change that.
>I certainly don't intend to tell people not to voice their opinions on this
>matter, every decision in the ASF can potentially be reversed but such
>issues need to be taken to the ASF board or at least the PMC (the PMC is
>apparently already hotly debating this topic).
>My biggest problem at the moment is thinking of a list that non-committers
>can subscribe to that would be appropriate for this conversation.  license@
>is closed, community@ is closed board@ is closed, pmc@ is closed.  Where
>exactly is the best place for these conversations to take place in a manner
>that is open to contributions from everyone?
>Adrian Sutton.
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>culture, that aims to build community spirit and bring all types of
>people together for a time of fun and entertainment.
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