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From Sam Berlin <sber...@limepeer.com>
Subject Re: Promote HttpClient out of commons?
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 21:43:09 GMT
> * I can hardly think of any subproject within HttpClient project.
> Ability to host sub-project within a project is one of the primary
> criteria for promoting a project to the top level. I do not think we
> qualify

Just as one possible subproject, I have been mulling over in my head 
building a Gnutella layer on top of HttpClient.  Our current 
downloading scheme for LimeWire is very tangled among the rest of the 
code, and it'd be nice to be able to do the downloading without 
requiring the rest of the client.  Of course, I'd have to clear this 
with the rest of the LimeWire team, so there's absolutely no guarantee 
that it'll ever happen -- but there are potential subprojects for 

As for supporting multiple platforms, isn't Ant a TLP and is only 
written in Java?  HttpClient is already cross-platform because it's 
written in Java -- I don't think there's a requirement that it be 
re-implemented in a different language for each platform.


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