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From Ortwin Gl├╝ck <ortwin.glu...@nose.ch>
Subject Re: [RFE] provide request entities in a more abstract way
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:27:25 GMT
Roland Weber wrote:

> Hello Odi,
> is this meant as an extension or as a replacement for
> directly passing the InputStream? 

It is meant to replace the direct passing of the InputStream. We would 
need to remove that method. Deprecation is possible with an internal 
wrapper that just throws an exception on the second call.

> In the second case,
> I would add something like isRepeatable() to handle cases
> where it is indeed not possible to read the data twice.

My point was to force the user to make it repeatable. Yet, I am not sure 
if that is a good idea. You may be right that not all (especially 
streaming) data in the world may be available twice.

> I'd prefer an explicit check to some exception being
> thrown from getAsStream(), where every implementor
> may decide for a different class and/or message.

> Can you fill me in on the details of the POST request:
> does the InputStream provide the full HTTP message
> body (entity) for the request, or is it possible to send
> multiple parameters, each of them being a file or string
> or something else? In the second case, RequestEntity
> is probably a misleading name for the interface.

The InputStream provides the complete body (=entity) of a request (i.e. 
everything after the headers). So the name is correct. If you are 
thinking of Multipart-MIME, this can be accomplished by an intelligent 
input stream that switches its source on the part borders.

And I really think it is right to do it like that. An entity enclosing 
method is only aware that there *is* an entity. If this entity is 
composed out of several parts this should be completely transparent for 
the method and be handled outside of it.

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