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From Stefan Dingfelder <Stefan.Dingfel...@gli-micram.de>
Subject Re: streaming request body
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 16:23:34 GMT
John Keyes schrieb:

> On 24 Feb 2004, at 14:39, Ortwin Gl├╝ck wrote:
>> John Keyes wrote:
>>>> In both cases, it is possible to get the behavior that you desire.
>>> Not it is not.  Again think of XXX,000 of requests.
>> I am getting a little angry by now. C'mon man, we wrote this baby 
>> and  we know very well what's possible with it.
> Ortwin, if I am wrong just correct me, maybe I just can't explain  
> myself properly.
>> So please don't tell us it can not do unbuffered requests. It's as  
>> simple as:
>> InputStream dataStream = .... // get this from wherever, use a pipe 
>> or  something
>> PostMethod method = new PostMethod("/myservlet");
>> method.setRequestContentLength(EntityEnclosingMethod.CONTENT_LENGTH_CHU 
>> NKED)
>> method.setRequestBody(dataStream);
>> client.execute(method);
> My point here is that if I have X requests then there can be
> bytes in memory at one time.
> -John K
That is right for different origins. For streaming the same file you 
could think of sending one chunk to all before proceeding. But I guess 
the latter one is not your intention. IMHO it depends upon the data you 
are sending . If  chunk size is e.g. 1k per request you will need that 
much memory. This in fact seems not too much for 100.000 users 
especially when you are doing user login and so on.
Smaller chunks will require less memory but it will increase network 
traffic - not always a good idea.
Alternativly you may make your own spezialized data handling  that will 
send to x connections at a time for getting new data while the other 
have to wait (1k for each of the first 100 users than 1k for the next 
100). Depends upon the time for preparing and managing it all.

   Stefan Dingfelder

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