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From André-John Mas <aj...@newtrade.com>
Subject Performance - ConnectionManager vs none?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 15:51:04 GMT
Yesterday under the topic ' Memory Leaks when web server hangs' it was 
suggested that using the class


would be safer in multithreaded environments, than using


That much makes sense. Now, currently in the project I am working in
we create a new HTTPClient in each thread we call, of the form

   HttpClient hc = new HttpClient();

Now I am wondering how much of performance increase, if any, there would
be in using a connection manager, of the form:

    HttpClient hc = new HttpClient(myConnectionManager);

where 'myConnectionManager' would be of the threaded sort. I should also 
note that we are regularly using the same destination addresses, since 
the program is a SOAP client.

Although I could spend a bit of time trying to find this out from a
test program, I am hoping to save a little time and get an answer
from someone who already has any knowledge about this issue.



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