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From "Emre Sokullu" <soku...@ultratv.net>
Subject Re: No cookie.. Proxy realm.. limit setFollowRedirects
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2004 00:27:32 GMT
Thanx again Oleg...

I didn't  understand why redirection won't be allowed when old host and new
host are the same.

Forexample for one of my domains I made such a DNS arrangement :

www.mydomain.com   --> A -->  M.Y.I.P
mydomain.com  -->  REDIRECT   -->  www.mydomain.com

So when trying to connect mydomain.com, it gives an error.

I didn't unerstand what you mean in

Do you mean that, when allowed, the fact of circular redirects will occur
and the program will redirect itself infinitely ?? (horrible scenario)

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