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From "Kalnichevski, Oleg" <oleg.kalnichev...@bearingpoint.com>
Subject RE: PostMethod.setFollowRedirects(true); -> do nothing
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 14:34:58 GMT

Hi Jean-Rémioyage,

POST methods _may_ not be redirected. When a web server responds with a redirect status code
to a POST request, the agent should execute an HTTP GET against the url location specified
in the POST response. Currently HttpClient is not able to do it automatically, but it is not
very difficult to work this limitation around. Please refer to the 'Handling Redirects' section
of the document below for details:


I hope this helps


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From: JEAN REMI LECQ [mailto:jrlecq@easyvoyage.fr]
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 15:27
To: commons-httpclient-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: PostMethod.setFollowRedirects(true); -> do nothing

Sorry for my english ! I will make short to be sure you anderstand me...
I read a big part of the mailing list archive, but i do not find a solution
by now.

I encounter difficulties to make a redirection after a POST Method:

Error message :
16 janv. 2004 18:52:46 org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase
INFO: Redirect requested but followRedirects is disabled

my code :

String source="";
PostMethod methode = new PostMethod(URL);
methode.setRequestBody(data);		// data is like in tutorial : NameValuePair[]
	System.out.println("FollowRedirects TRUE");
	System.out.println("FollowRedirects FALSE");
String redirectLocation=null;
Header locationHeader = methode.getResponseHeader("location");
if (locationHeader != null) {
	redirectLocation = locationHeader.getValue();
} else {
	System.out.println("ERROR : 01");
	GetMethod getMeth=new GetMethod(redirectLocation);

for information, this part :
>if(methode.getFollowRedirects()) System.out.println("FollowRedirects
>else System.out.println("FollowRedirects FALSE");
always return FALSE !

If anybody has any idea what I am doing wrong, I'd be very pleased if he/she
told me :-)



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