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From Tim Shadel <timsha...@pobox.com>
Subject Recoverable error question
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2004 17:23:38 GMT

I'm using HttpClient in an application to initial ACH checking transfers 
with a bank.  I need to make a GET request, but I had questions about 
the HttpRecoverableException.

When is that thrown during the communications timeline?

My challenge is that the bank processes each GET request, even if it has 
the same parameters as a previous request (yes, I know that GETs should 
be idempotent but I don't have a choice).  I can't charge people twice. 
  I want to retry the request, though, if I know that the bank hasn't 
received it (DNS failure, connection refused, connection timeout), but I 
CAN'T retry it if they MAY have received the request (e.g. response read 
timeout, 500 error, etc.).

I obviously want to err on the cautious side.  But I wondered if the 
Exception handling in the HttpClient makes any distinction between 
errors that occur before the server has (possibly) read the request, and 
those that occur afterwards.

I'm a (relative) novice at the finer points of HTTP.  Any hints you have 
to help me retry when possible and simultaneously avoid duplicate 
submissions would be great.



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