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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject [HttpClient][Bugzilla] should I stay or should I go?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 20:28:18 GMT
Good day,

Following the proposal to migrate Jakarta Commons projects from Bugzilla
to JIRA posted to the Jakarta commons-dev list, we would like to have a
few points clarified, before the final decision can be made whether
Jakarta Commons HttpClient project stays with Bugzilla or migrates
(kindly requests to be migrated) to JIRA.

* Do you actually encourage migration from Bugzilla to JIRA? Will it
make the task of to administering and supporting projects'
infrastructure (issue tracking in the first place) easier for you?

* Can existing bug reports (including closed ones) be migrated to JIRA
in their entirety, if at all? What kind of data would not be migrated
automatically? Would existing user accounts be preserved?

* We (HttpClient committers & contributors) have been in fact quite
satisfied with Bugzilla so far. It has served us well. The only thing we
have found constraining is the release management (versions, milestones,
etc). As an alternative to migration to JIRA would it be possible to
promote HttpClient from a component of Jakarta-commons project to a full
fledged top level project with its own set of versions and milestones?
HttpClient has already got its own mailing list. HttpClient related
content constitutes 20-30% Bugzilla entries for the Jakarta-commons
project. I believe this might be the best option, as least as far as we
are concerned. I am just not sure it is technically feasible.



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