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From Sid Subr <sid_...@yahoo.com>
Subject Upload large files-enhancement
Date Sun, 21 Dec 2003 17:36:34 GMT
reason for this mail:

I am having to work with a web server which deos not
understand the 100-continue header and as a result am
having problem uploading large files as the server
closes the connection before the entire content is
transmitted. A change for this has been addressed in
the Bugzilla as an enhancement (bug #14036).

I cannot do what I am doing without 
a) this enhancement on the httpclient side
b) making the web server guys support the 100-continue

the former seemed to be the point to start so, if any
one is in the same boat as I am can they please either

a) provide insight into what they did for this problem

b) vote for this enhancement to be included in some of
the changes that are going on in the new releases for
the httpclient.

Thank you,

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