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From David Webb <dw...@hurff-webb.com>
Subject HttpClient with Siteminder (Dynamic Realm)
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 20:16:59 GMT
I am trying to use HTTPClient to connect to a WebServer that is protected by 
Siteminder.  The problem that I am having is that the Realm for the basic 
authentication is dynamic based on the system time (to prevent users from using 
the "Remember my password" option in a Browser).  This prevents me from setting 
the Realm name before I execute the GetMethod.  After I execute the GetMehtod, 
I can get the Realm Name for the Basic Auth from the ResponseHeader (WWW-
authenticate).  After that, how do I set the Realm and retry the request?

I have tried the scenario where I set the Realm, Recycle the Get and reset the 
Path and execute again, but the Realm changes after I recycle the Get.

Can I tell HttpClient to use the username and password that I have provided 
regardless of the Realm?

All and any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

I am unable to change the configuration for the Siteminder server so that can 
not be an option.


David Webb
Hurff-Webb, Inc.
(904) 861-2366
(904) 534-8294 Mobile

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