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From "Karr, David" <David.K...@wamu.net>
Subject Config alternate ssl socket factory: Getting existing protocol
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 23:00:08 GMT
I'm following the directions for enabling a custom socket factory (the
"easy" one, for self-signed certs).  I noticed that the instructions
hardcode the scheme and port for the new protocol.  Being somewhat anal,
I thought it would be useful to first get the existing protocol, and
just read the scheme and port from that, replacing the ssl socket

The problem I'm having is that the return I'm getting from
"hostConfig.getProtocol()" is a null pointer.

I have code something like this:

                HttpClient httpClient  = new HttpClient();
                    setProxy(getProxyHost(), getProxyPort());
                Credentials credentials =
                    new UsernamePasswordCredentials(getProxyLogin(),
                    setProxyCredentials(null, null, credentials);
                method  = new PostMethod(getGatewayURL());
                HostConfiguration   hostConfig  =
                Protocol   protocol = hostConfig.getProtocol();
                System.out.println("protocol[" + protocol + "]");

As I described, the println call shows that the "protocol" object is
null.  This makes it difficult to get any information out of it :) .

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