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From carmine.lucare...@lombard.ca
Subject Slow execution of POST method
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 13:58:00 GMT
Hello all.  Let me know if this isn't the list to ask this.
I'm using httpclient to execute a POST request to
our mainframe CICS region.  The request takes 3 to
4 seconds to complete through httpclient and less
then one second via a web page and browser.

When I look at the log files, I see this:

109  2003-10-22 09:31:06,591 [main] DEBUG 
  - enter EntityEnclosingMethod.writeRequestBody(HttpState, 
109  2003-10-22 09:31:06,591 [main] DEBUG 
  - Expecting response
109  2003-10-22 09:31:06,591 [main] DEBUG 
org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpConnection  - 
  enter HttpConnection.waitForResponse(int)

then there are pages and pages of the following:

[main] DEBUG org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpConnection
 - enter HttpConnection.responseAvaliable()

...then after a couple seconds worth of log entries, I see:

3123 2003-10-22 09:31:09,605 [main] DEBUG 
        - Waiting for response timeout
3123 2003-10-22 09:31:09,605 [main] DEBUG 
        - Response not available. Send the request body

This is a non-authenticated POST method with one name/value pair.  Have I 
something incorrectly here?  I simply create the PostMethod, add a 
NameValue pair
and execute it.

Carmine Lucarelli

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