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From Sam Berlin <sber...@limepeer.com>
Subject Re: Java 1.1.8 Status
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:56:41 GMT
Thanks for the reply, Oleg.

Was the prior port mainly an exercise in converting 
java.util.[CollectionClasses] to com.sun.java.util.[CollectionClasses]?  
If that's the case (and perhaps with a few new methods sprinkled in) 
maintaining a patch against the head would probably be the best and 
easiest way to go.  Although I do not quite have the time to keep the 
JRE 1.1 port completely up to date, I can help keep it relevant, if needed.


Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:

>Hi Sam,
>The fate of the JRE 1.1 port is currently not quite certain. We would
>love the JRE 1.1 port to remain in the public domain (under Apache or
>Apache compatible license), provided the it would be supported and kept
>in sync with our official 2.0 branch. There is a pretty high likelihood
>of JRE 1.1 compatibility requirement to be dropped next year as far as
>my project is concerned (the one that pays my bills, I mean). None of
>HttpClient regulars seems to have any bandwidth left for the JRE 1.1
>port either.  
>I passed the JRE 1.1 port onto David Cowan (David.Cowan at apcc.com) who
>expressed his willingness to help maintain the port. But we still have
>to decide on the details of how exactly the port is supposed be managed.
>I suggest that we invite David to join the discussion. There are a few
>options to consider, ranging from starting a separate SourceSafe project
>to maintaining a patch against the official 2.0 branch. I am personally
>fine with any approach as long as our (rather scarce) resources do not
>end up spread too thin. We already have two branches to maintain
>(2.0-stable & 2.1-development) with 3.0 branch coming some time next
>year. All I want to see is that new people would step in to maintain the
>JRE 1.1 port.
>We would love to make the JRE 1.1 available for . 
>On Tue, 2003-10-21 at 22:23, Sam Berlin wrote:
>>Hello everyone,
>>Before inquiring as to the Java 1.1.8 status, let me introduce myself.  
>>My name is Sam Berlin, and I'm a developer for LimeWire 
>>(www.limewire.org).  We are in the process of adding more generic HTTP 
>>handling to LimeWire, and have run into one of the many problems with 
>>Sun's HttpUrlConnection -- mainly, the fact that it hangs if a socket is 
>>closed before any input is read.  It is possible to wrap all 
>>HttpUrlConnection openings around another class and have some watchdog 
>>thread kill them off as they hang, but ideally we wouldn't have to do 
>>that.  The quandry brought us to looking at other http managers, and 
>>ultimately Jakarta's HttpClient.
>>I have succesfully (and very easily!) managed to convert some places in 
>>our code to using HttpClient, but we must allow backwards compability 
>>with Java 1.1.8, as we have many MacOS 9 (and below) users.  (We still 
>>receive 10,000+ downloads a week from Mac Classic users.)  We would very 
>>much like to use HttpClient, as it seems to have a very 
>>generic/extensible structure that would fit very well into other places 
>>of our code.
>>Searching the archives revealed that Oleg Kalnichevski posted on Sept 
>>23rd that he ported rc1 to be compatable with 1.1.8.  Will this process 
>>be continuing?  Is there a 1.1.8 compatable version (or is one planned) 
>>for rc2 and the eventual release?
>>Thank you in advance, and my apologies for immediately asking a question 
>>after joining the list.
>> Sam
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