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From Sam Berlin <sber...@limepeer.com>
Subject Java 1.1.8 Status
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2003 20:23:36 GMT
Hello everyone,

Before inquiring as to the Java 1.1.8 status, let me introduce myself.  
My name is Sam Berlin, and I'm a developer for LimeWire 
(www.limewire.org).  We are in the process of adding more generic HTTP 
handling to LimeWire, and have run into one of the many problems with 
Sun's HttpUrlConnection -- mainly, the fact that it hangs if a socket is 
closed before any input is read.  It is possible to wrap all 
HttpUrlConnection openings around another class and have some watchdog 
thread kill them off as they hang, but ideally we wouldn't have to do 
that.  The quandry brought us to looking at other http managers, and 
ultimately Jakarta's HttpClient.

I have succesfully (and very easily!) managed to convert some places in 
our code to using HttpClient, but we must allow backwards compability 
with Java 1.1.8, as we have many MacOS 9 (and below) users.  (We still 
receive 10,000+ downloads a week from Mac Classic users.)  We would very 
much like to use HttpClient, as it seems to have a very 
generic/extensible structure that would fit very well into other places 
of our code.

Searching the archives revealed that Oleg Kalnichevski posted on Sept 
23rd that he ported rc1 to be compatable with 1.1.8.  Will this process 
be continuing?  Is there a 1.1.8 compatable version (or is one planned) 
for rc2 and the eventual release?

Thank you in advance, and my apologies for immediately asking a question 
after joining the list.

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