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From Eric Johnson <e...@tibco.com>
Subject Re: Proposal: Configurable HTTP Response length limit
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 16:56:25 GMT
If you are determined to work with a server that sends limitless 
responses (an odd use of HTTP - I'd recommend an alternative protocol 
such as BEEP, with its chunks that you could consume forever.  Keep in 
mind, for example, that there could be a proxy server in the middle that 
thinks it should be caching the whole thing), there are two approaches:

Send the "connection: close" header on your request.  That way, when the 
connection is "released" via releaseConnection(), rather than attempting 
to consume the rest of the response so that the connection can be 
treated as a "persistent" connection, and start reading at the next 
response, the underlying socket will simply be closed directly.  
Actually, if the server is sending you an "unbounded" request, it really 
should be returning "connection: close" on its responses.  If we took 
your suggestion and simply stopped reading the stream sent by the 
server, when processing the _next_ request on the same socket, we'd run 
into lots of problems.

Indicate HTTP 1.0 level support.  This should change the behavior of the 
server, again triggering behavior that will close the connection, rather 
than treat it as persistent.

getResponseBody() and getResponseBodyAsString() function as designed.  
If you are working with extremely large or unbounded data, don't use 
these functions.  You could put in a bug request for _additional_ 
functions that take limits, but the API is not perfectly simple, insofar 
as there would need to be some way to indicate that the entire response 
was not read, so it would not be sufficient for the respective functions 
to return byte[] and String.  This wouldn't change the underlying need 
to consume the entire response sent by the server though - we still want 
to support persistent connections.

If you think there is a genuine bug here, by all means point us at a 
server that causes you problems, or perhaps code for a servlet, and 
client-side sample code that fails in the way you indicate.  I think I 
speak for most of the developers on this group in that we are genuinely 
concerned about the quality of the code, but absent a real-world 
scenario, reasonable test cases, or wire logs, are very hesitant to make 
API changes of the magnitude that you're suggesting.


Christian Kohlschuetter wrote:

>Am Freitag, 10. Oktober 2003 18:02 schrieb Kalnichevski, Oleg:
>>>I can easily provide test cases which will cause HttpClient to eat up all
>>>available memory throwing an OutOfMemoryError because of reading and
>>>reading from a never ending HTTP Response.
>>>I would regard this behaviour as a bug.
>>Sure. The bug in the software on the server side. And the fix should be
>>applied where it is due.
>Sorry, I can't follow your argument.
>I thought HttpClient was a client for the _real-world_ HTTP-Servers, just as 
>the HTTP Clients of modern web browsers are/should be (I guess that's why 
>there is a switch to enable/disable "strict" mode in HttpClient).
>However, it may not even be a bug on the server side to generate output with 
>no end at all. And it would be no kind of problem if HttpClient would handle 
>endless streams in better way.
>But for now, it _will_ loop endlessly when
>a) ChunkedInputStream close() or exhaustInputStream is called
>b) getResponseBody() or getResponseBodyAsString() are called.
>So, can you provide a bugfix for that, at least for non-strict mode, please? 
>It would help a lot.
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