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From Ernst de Haan <zn...@FreeBSD.org>
Subject SourceForge AddReleaseTask for Ant
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 15:59:38 GMT

I'm working on a SourceForge AddReleaseTask for Apache Ant. After 
successfully fighting some HTTPS issues, I'm now having some difficulties 
with cookies. It seems my cookies are deleted spontaneously when I call 

This is what my code does:
* Create HTTPConnection in constructor
* In login() create a GetMethod object and use it to connect to the
  SourceForge site. Two cookies are received ('session_ser' and
* Then in addRelease() I create a new GetMethod object and execute it on the
  same HttpConnection object. Just before I call executeMethod() the state
  still contains 2 cookies, and right after it it contains 0 cookies?!

* Why would the cookies be deleted from my HttpState?
* Is it okay if I create 2 GetMethod objects or should I create one and then
  recycle() it after the first call?
* If so, then how do I set the new URI in the GetMethod?

This is the current version of the source code:

This is part of the output I get:

Executing request 
Received 2 cookies.
Received cookie: 
Received cookie: persist_session=Udl8pV2KlUs%3D
Logged in to SourceForge site as "znerd".
Creating release "0.126" for group 71598, package 71219.
Current cookie count is 2
Executing request 
Current cookie count is 0

Hints are more than welcome!

Kind regards,


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